Sunday, April 8, 2007

How Great Is Your Faith!!!!

HYC was awesome once again. Thursday night Jesse and Leslie were lets just say i little tipsy..... ok ok totally drunk in the spirit....Lol, Friday night Bro Sergent spoke about faith, how you should go to school and work or wherever having faith that God will do a work in those that surround you. To me its like we cant get away from this subject. Faith is a very important aspect to living for God, without it we dont have a hope. God is doing a work in this church, he has set this youth group on fire, we are no longer in a drought. God has sent healing rain and sooner or later we will be seeing that wave of souls that Bro Creekmore spoke about when he was here for revival. Its our time now! How great is your faith??????????


Billy and Michelle said...

Great post Jessica, so glad yall got blessed at HYC!

preacherman23 said...

i like the post jess and that i believe that our faith as a whole has risen so much that great things are going to happen and revival is going to take place greater than ever.

Mandy said...

I think you may be on to something. When I was at Ladies conference we were shopping and I saw a plaque it read "Faith is not believing God can, But knowing that God will" I havn't been able to get away from that since I read it. I could and should kick myself for not buying it. Anyway I have been really praying that I could move into the faith of knowing God will. I have always said I know God can and there is still no doubt in His ability to perform miracles but I am wanting the kind of faith that I know God WILL! Love you and great post!

Jessica said...

Thank you sis Mandy, im really glad that yall are enjoying these posts. Its like everyday i have something new and i know its God speaking through me. I have been getting extremely desperate for the youth and the girls i work with and my school, its like every time i have something to post, its always directed to the youth or the church or myself. God is doing great things in the church and i see him doing a great work in you and Bro. Andrew, you always bless me when i dont feel like giving my all, i love and appreciate your sensitivity to the move og God!!!!!
Ill see you all tonight I love you

shewhohasredhair said...

great post,jessica.
young people dont talk like that here.i miss it.i miss the atmosphere of the greatest youth group in the world.i miss MY church.
i miss you.


Linda Elms said...

Awesome! Jessica, I love hearing your faith and experiencing what God is doing in our church and LIFEalive! Love you!