Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Great Things!!!!!!

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, im so excited for HYC i cant hardly control myself......Lol! Well im expecting great things to happen and i know that something in the youth group is going to ignite!!!! Young people we know how to come back on fire, especially when we are praying till, what was it, midnight??? Anyways, I dont know about all of you but i want to be completely sold out for Jesus!!!! I feel like this year we are going to see a whole lot more healings and miracles take place. Im ready to hear the doctors tell Sis Barbara and Sis Shahan that their bodies are free of cancer!!!!! Healing rain IS falling down!!!!! Like i said, im expecting great things to happen at HYC. Im also extremely excited for Sunday , alot of visitors will be there and they will be filling the presence of God, lets see how many get the Holy Ghost or are Baptized in Jesus name!!!! Im ready to see what happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


preacherman23 said...

me 2 jess i can hardly wait for HYC and wut awesome things r going to take place there and each and every young person getting on fire 2 stay on fire instead of burning out. Im ready for everything: miracles, revival, signs, wonders, everything. I can't wait 4 that and 2 have so much fun in this hot, humid, town of lufkin lol!!!

Billy and Michelle said...

Jessica I hope you have an awesome time in Jesus name at HYC! Love you lots!

JulieK said...

Hey I just found you! Hope ya'll have a safe trip. Come back so on fire. Sunday is gonna be awsome!!
love ya
julie K

Joseph James said...

Jessica, I just wanted to leave you a little note to encourage you to keep being that fire that lights up YOUR youth group. You are making a difference for the Kingdom of God and it is wonderful! You GO GIRL! lol