Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Crazy Dream

The other night i had a cazy dream. I accidently bumped into a very tall man and he got extremely upset. I apologized but he didnt take it to well, so he reached behind the counter where we were standing and grabbed a gun, I turned and walked into the room where the youth and college and career were eating and told them to get down, for a few minutes i was ducked down then decided to give up. I then stood up and before i could say anything he started shooting. I turned and starting screaming as loud as i could IN THE NAME OF JESUS! The only thing i felt was air hitting me when bullets should have been. I woke up lying on my back with my knees pulled to my chest and my body was really tense. As i began to get ready for work i was just thinking about why i had this silly dream, then a scripture came to mind, "The name of the Lord is a strong tower the riteous run into and they are safe." The more i thought about all of this the more i realized how God is always by my side no matter what. When I need him at any given moment but I cant feel him, I dont worry hes there. When im in prayer and I feel like nothings getting past the ceiling, I know hes there. I am assured that anytime i call on the name of Jesus he'll be right there at that very moment. This scripture keeps running through my mind and the dream is constantly replaying, i think of it as Gods way of saying do not be afraid Im here, just trust me. God is my strong tower and i trust him with all my heart, hes never failed me yet. I think all of you could agree. How many times has God stepped in but you thought he wasnt there? How many times have you prayed and not felt his presence but the next day he answered that prayer? We are a blessed people!!!!