Saturday, January 10, 2009

As most of you know i work with Twila. Well everyday she comes in and has a word from God. So we all talk with the girls about it and how whatever it is applies to our lives. Well we both work with a very wise woman,Traci,some know her from her visiting the church,she brought in a book that you read one day at a time. Heres the funny thing.God has been dealing with us as and the rest of the hirls we work with,Gods always telling twila to wait,he tells me to be patient and tells the others the same.So we all have that in common LOL. So Twila was reading the page for the 8th and that one was be pateint,the 7th was Wait and the 9th was talking about how love is the key....We talked more about it and and were laughing because we are so stubborn sometimes because we as women and flesh its self automatically want things done our way of course and we pray "Ok God its in your hands im stepping back," and soon after we're trying to take matters in our own hands again because its not going our way. Sometimes we, and i include myself, dont like the fact that things arent what we want them to be, and sittuations arent goin the way we want them to but we hafta let go and TRUST God.Twila put it this way.This is Gods world and we're just a squirrel trying to get a nut! Just remember that even though your seeking answers and you dont get your answer right away that God is testing your patience. Just hold on a little while longer,whatever it is IS on its way.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Im Back!!!!!!!!

Well my goodness its been quite some time ill hafta say. We had gotten rid of our computer because it was sooooo slow and for Christmas i got a laptop YAY! so here i am now............again!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Crazy Dream

The other night i had a cazy dream. I accidently bumped into a very tall man and he got extremely upset. I apologized but he didnt take it to well, so he reached behind the counter where we were standing and grabbed a gun, I turned and walked into the room where the youth and college and career were eating and told them to get down, for a few minutes i was ducked down then decided to give up. I then stood up and before i could say anything he started shooting. I turned and starting screaming as loud as i could IN THE NAME OF JESUS! The only thing i felt was air hitting me when bullets should have been. I woke up lying on my back with my knees pulled to my chest and my body was really tense. As i began to get ready for work i was just thinking about why i had this silly dream, then a scripture came to mind, "The name of the Lord is a strong tower the riteous run into and they are safe." The more i thought about all of this the more i realized how God is always by my side no matter what. When I need him at any given moment but I cant feel him, I dont worry hes there. When im in prayer and I feel like nothings getting past the ceiling, I know hes there. I am assured that anytime i call on the name of Jesus he'll be right there at that very moment. This scripture keeps running through my mind and the dream is constantly replaying, i think of it as Gods way of saying do not be afraid Im here, just trust me. God is my strong tower and i trust him with all my heart, hes never failed me yet. I think all of you could agree. How many times has God stepped in but you thought he wasnt there? How many times have you prayed and not felt his presence but the next day he answered that prayer? We are a blessed people!!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


I know its been a while since ive last posted but i had a few minor things i had to take care of. Well NYC was awesome as usual. Thursday night was my night. I remember thinking that i was really tired and didnt really want to give my all, so God with his since of humor decided to change my mind for me lol. The preacher preached, the singers sang and Jesus blessed. Ive let a few things come in the way of my God and I,and some of the choices i made we're just stupid. For a while i stopped reading my Bible and praying so i know that if i would have stayed on my knees certain things wouldnt have happened. So after Thursday night my feelings were changed, God didnt speak to me directly but he did use a few people to get to me. I was touched in a way that i havent been familiar with, its hard to explain so all i can say is it was amazing. Since that night i have been keeping up with my readin and prayer. Ive been looking at everything differently, im beginning to se the big picture. Besides that the trip was so much fun and i cant wait to go on the next one.......

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Wow! I Finally Made It......

I know its been a while since my last post but i do have to say that i didnt get caught by the blog police...LOL.....As you all know i just graduated not to long ago and what a relief. Things got a little crazy with the family being in and all but i think ill be able to get back on track. Umm.....i guess for starters i want to thank you all again for all your prayers and support, it helped tremendously. This year was my year and i claimed it in 2006. I was so excited when i won my first soul and of course i cant wait for another. It was a year of the usual ups and downs but once again here i am still thanking God for all the good times and bad times. God has been so good to me!!!!Young people i know that summer is here and you have this time to have fun but also to prepare yourself for the next school year. I know its hard and sometimes it feels like you absolutely cannot go any further but you'll make. You all have heard my story about all 13 years i attended Petrolia and i m telling you that you are all very lucky and blessed to have other young people from the church helping you make a difference. Go expecting God to use you, in whatever way, hold on a little while longer and your going to be ok. Ok, enough about school, i hope you all enjoy your summer and im looking forward to new things in the remainder of this year.I love you all!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Im Outta Here!!!!

So the seniors and i have been counting down the days, as usual, and weve got like 6 days left. I cant say how excited i am! If i could right now would run up and down the halls screaming with excitement.....but........i cant and i'll save myself the embarassment. Anyways i thought id let yall know how everythings going and ill be outta here soon, woooo!!!!!! So ill go and try to keep myself collected...LOL.....

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Ahhh...School Work.....

So im supposed to be working on a presentation thats due tomorrow for my Gov. class, i have to teach the class a chapter out of the book. Ive got to provide notes a work sheet a reteach and a visual aid......i have done nothing whatsoever!!!!!! So im thinking that ill get off the computer, where im not supposed to be , and do my work like i should be doing. I hate doing work :( a senior, i have senioritus, come on..............ok ok ill go! see you all tonight!!!!