Friday, March 30, 2007

So Excited!!!!!

Well TGIF! im so excited, i woke up this morning, thanked God for this new rainy day and thought hmmmmm life is great!Tonight as you all know is 7.25 Powernight.My friend Keri is coming and shes trying to bring her friend also,God is good. It seems like after one thing happens a domino effect starts to take place. You bring one preson for a certain amout of time and pretty soon you dont have to ask "hey do you wanna come with me on this certain day?" No, they ask you "can i come with you?" Its a great feeling!!! Anyways this domino effect that im talking about is Souls!!! Bring one and they bring one, then they bring one, and so on! Whats even better is the Two bird one stone thingy, i asked a friend if shed come tonight and she said "sure", well the next time i talk to her she says "do you mind if this person comes with me?" My automatic response was O YEAH!!!! She looked at me funny and we went our ways and shes been asking questions since then.I hear the sound of the abundance of rain. Somethings goin on here and its definitely not the devil thats letting this all happen. God is our Rock, we have a hope!!! Theres coming a day when we get see our Lord, and O what a day thats gonna be!!!!!! This is just a little bit of what God has been doing for me since the end of January and im loving him more and more every day!!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Will You Accept the Challenge???

I dont know about all of you but my cup is full and overflowing!!! I can say that ive felt Gods presence strongly, until Sunday night that is, now i cant describe it. God asked me a question Sunday, he simply said" Do you think that its not possible" then he said "Worship me, give me everything and ill show you that it is.'' I dont know how all you feel but after that i felt like God literally drained me. We have been challenged, are we going to accept the challenge or sit back and see what happens????? I feel God pushing this church, and i know for sure he is raising the bar, he wants us to go further than what we usually go, he wants us to go beyond the breaking point. I feel revival, its to the point where its like rain, before it rains you can always smell it, and you notice the atmosphere gets a little humid, and the wind picks up a little. Well in our sense, revial is on its way we can feel and see a little bit of it, but its not exactly here and our atmosphere of praise each time we are in church is gettin a little stronger, then the next service its even more stronger which is like the wind in a storm when it reaches its severe stages. God is preparing us for "rain,"I always think of that song Healing Rain, its a very true song and i know that im ready to see Revival in our church, i love hearing about revival happening in other churches, its great, but im ready to see an outpour in ours!!!! I ve accepted the challenge, will you????

Who Would've Thought

I never thought id have a blog.......ever, but Bro. Andrew is right, never say never!!!! On second thought it does give me something to do when im not cleanin, workin, or when im just bored, so im sure ill get used to it. I just hope that i dont get put on the bloggers at rest list.....Lol!!! I am trying to get a slide show of friends and family up, im sure itll take a little while.....for me anyways, im not used to all this computer stuff, i think of it as simply being computer challenged. Anyways i hope you all enjoy it!!!!!

A Burden For Souls!!!

I have a burden for these girls i work with, none of which attend church. Well two of them are coming friday night and im so excited!!! I wrote a couple pages of things that have been on my mind since Wednesday. God has spoken to our church, he said "a healthy mother gives birth to a healthy child," to us that would be, a healthy church gives birth to healthy, born again souls. those that come in and sell themselves out for God, souls that wont give up or leave when a situation rises against them, and souls that will be determined to win others to God!!!! We have a responsibility, that is to live for God and let him use us to reach the lost! We dont have time to wait for people to come to us, we must go to the city!!! Young people i know that at school its hard but i promise you that if you just hang on a little while longer, God will provide. Ive been there, but the little things that someone says or starts is worth absolutely nothing and in the long run means nothing. Dont worry about what people say or think of you, worry about what God thinks of you. We are children of the Almighty God, hes on our side. If God before us, my only question is, Who can be against us???????