Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Something Beautiful made from Nothing!!!!!

Bro.Andrew mentioned something about ashes, and how they mean absolutely nothing, all they do is fill up a fire place. Then he said that God can take those ashes and make them into something beautiful.God can take a life full of darkness and pain, a life that one may think is not worth living for, and make it ino something so beautiful. He can take away the pain and fill you with joy, take away the darkness and bring forth light, and take a way the worl and give you himself. There are so many people in this ctity who feel like their life is pointless and alls they are here for is to fill an empty space. God wants to use each one of us to reach these very people so he can make their lilves beautiful, o he can take awy their hurts and pains and give them rest. I n my school, young people, there are several who everyday tell me that their life is nothing and they wish they were never born and so on, their lives are hurting and its my job to tell them of a God who will make them beautiful and take all that away. Its your job too. when you go to school and you hear someone talk about how much they hate their lives, at that very second is when they become desperate for a change, they become vulnerable and want to hear what you have to say because they know you and what you do every Sunday and Wednesday, they know that you know how to reach God. Be persistant if one turns you down, dont give up their lives are important, they are ashes needing to be made beautiful!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

How big is our God

We all know how big our God is, and every time we speak his name, hes always going to show up right in the middle of the storm. We all know that when a situation, trial, or tribulation comes along, the first thing we do is go straight to our knees, because we serve a God who is bigger than that situation. Well for the past month or so, give or take, ive been on my knees in prayer for a couple of girls i work with. Yes, some of you have met them and i think they felt welcome when they came to the church. Thank you for being so kind and accepting to them. Anyways, we all have our rough times in life and we all need someone to pray for us or when we are at church we just need some one to pray with us, it always seems to help. I have a favor for all of you who are reading this. All i would like for you guys to do is pray. There are a couple of situations that are desperately needing to be taken care of, and i know that if we all pull together, God will intervene in this certain situation. These girls need our prayers more than you and i both know. They are souls and they deserve to feel what we get to feel when we are in the presence of God. I love both of them with all my heart and want to see them further their lives in the kingdom of God. Im speaking to myself when i say this but we all need to get a little desperate for souls, God has been filling people with his spirit and im ready to see him move in these lives, its a cry of desperation. I hope you all will pray and seek God with me, for these girls!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

How Great Is Your Faith!!!!

HYC was awesome once again. Thursday night Jesse and Leslie were lets just say i little tipsy..... ok ok totally drunk in the spirit....Lol, Friday night Bro Sergent spoke about faith, how you should go to school and work or wherever having faith that God will do a work in those that surround you. To me its like we cant get away from this subject. Faith is a very important aspect to living for God, without it we dont have a hope. God is doing a work in this church, he has set this youth group on fire, we are no longer in a drought. God has sent healing rain and sooner or later we will be seeing that wave of souls that Bro Creekmore spoke about when he was here for revival. Its our time now! How great is your faith??????????

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Great Things!!!!!!

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, im so excited for HYC i cant hardly control myself......Lol! Well im expecting great things to happen and i know that something in the youth group is going to ignite!!!! Young people we know how to come back on fire, especially when we are praying till, what was it, midnight??? Anyways, I dont know about all of you but i want to be completely sold out for Jesus!!!! I feel like this year we are going to see a whole lot more healings and miracles take place. Im ready to hear the doctors tell Sis Barbara and Sis Shahan that their bodies are free of cancer!!!!! Healing rain IS falling down!!!!! Like i said, im expecting great things to happen at HYC. Im also extremely excited for Sunday , alot of visitors will be there and they will be filling the presence of God, lets see how many get the Holy Ghost or are Baptized in Jesus name!!!! Im ready to see what happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!