Saturday, January 10, 2009

As most of you know i work with Twila. Well everyday she comes in and has a word from God. So we all talk with the girls about it and how whatever it is applies to our lives. Well we both work with a very wise woman,Traci,some know her from her visiting the church,she brought in a book that you read one day at a time. Heres the funny thing.God has been dealing with us as and the rest of the hirls we work with,Gods always telling twila to wait,he tells me to be patient and tells the others the same.So we all have that in common LOL. So Twila was reading the page for the 8th and that one was be pateint,the 7th was Wait and the 9th was talking about how love is the key....We talked more about it and and were laughing because we are so stubborn sometimes because we as women and flesh its self automatically want things done our way of course and we pray "Ok God its in your hands im stepping back," and soon after we're trying to take matters in our own hands again because its not going our way. Sometimes we, and i include myself, dont like the fact that things arent what we want them to be, and sittuations arent goin the way we want them to but we hafta let go and TRUST God.Twila put it this way.This is Gods world and we're just a squirrel trying to get a nut! Just remember that even though your seeking answers and you dont get your answer right away that God is testing your patience. Just hold on a little while longer,whatever it is IS on its way.

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Michelle said...

Thanks for the reminder Jess! It's so hard to wait, but it will come to pass in God's time.